18 years and counting….

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I remember when our newest employee spotlight, Jeremy Ward, first started 18 years ago. Like most new hires Jeremy STARTED AS A SHAKEOUT MAN, MOVED UP TO MOLDER, FURNACE OPERATOR, Maintenance, and everything in between. Now Jeremy serves as Foundry Superintendent. He has turned into one of our hardest working employees. He has made the transition into management with ease and is one of our most trusted employees.
Jeremy will show up at 3:30 am if need be and stay until the job is finished. Without Jeremy’s help and support Piqua Emery would not be as successful . It is with great privelage that I get to thank him for his 18 years of service. You are truly appreciated at PEF. Thanks for all you do.


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Piqua Emery is extremely proud of our hardworking staff. February brings about the anniversary of two long tenured valued employees. Randy Sampson (CAMERA SHY: NOT PICTURED) started at PEF 2-7-1994. He is one of the best finish grinders around. If Randy sends something out the door you can guarantee that the casting looks like jewelery. Thank you Randy Sampson for all your years of service.
Curtis Pitts (pictured) started his service at PEF on 2-16-1995. He serves as a band saw operator, as well as a jack of all trades as needed. Curtis always has a smile and it is easy to see that he takes a lot of pride in his work. Congrats Curtis….you are truly valued.
On behalf of PEF we salute you guys!!!!

Thank You Piqua Emery Foundry

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Piqua Emery Foundry, Inc.
821 S. Downing Street
Piqua, Ohio 45356

Attention: Joe Mikolajewski, President

Dear Joe,

The purpose of this letter is to thank Piqua Emery Foundry, Inc. for being a great customer for the past
34 years. It is amazing to know 3 generations of your family and the business still thrives to be a solid and reliable producer of aluminum sand and permanent mold castings.

As always, The Foundry Way LLC appreciates your aluminum ingot business over the years and look forward to continuing our relationship into the next generation.

Best Regards,

Dave Moore, President The Foundry Way LLC

P.O. Box 406
821 South Downing Street
Piqua, Ohio 45356
Phone: 1-800-752-9509
Fax: 1-937-773-3694