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Company Information

Piqua Emery Foundry prides itself in its ability to provide customers with both high and low volume production castings as well as prototypes made from Stereolithography, a process of creating three-dimensional plastic parts from CAD/CAM data prior to building production tooling.

As a world class supplier, we offer castings furnished to your specifications, i.e. machined, painted, etc. and delivered to you ready for application. Rapid prototyping is the Shape of the Future. We have the Versatility of the Present which is built on the Strength of the Past.

Piqua Emery is a manufacturing company, making aluminum and aluminum-bronze castings. Jobbing shop, sand, air-set, and permanent molding. Production equipment includes a 20 X 24 Hunter with carrousel, and a 16 X 20 B & P; squeezers, rota-lifts, and floor molding.

We offer complete machined and painted parts.

Quality at Piqua Emery Foundry begins with the Aluminum Association Standards Book. This includes criteria for reference points needed to produce castings to a consistent specific quality level. We are certified AMS-4218 and T.Q.A. #1008 Whirpool Corp. ISO-9000 Structured Quality System. QS-9000 PPAP submission compatibility.


To provide quality parts, on time, to all customers. To constantly strive to improve efficiency. To always provide a safe, healthy, and rewarding workplace for our employees. To continuously position our company in the marketplace as the supplier of choice for current and potential customers.


Manufacturing Space: 65,000 sq. feet (approx.)

Melt Capacity: 2,000,000 lbs. annual usage

Established: 1920

“The Foundrymen”

an antique poem and picture from Piqua Emery Foundry

Families of Iron
With roots of iron there is metal in the air,
when the cupola melts white iron glares.
Early this eve our family eats
when dark morning comes I will face the heat.

Life has been this way many years gone back
the men of my family all returned home black
with sand and iron and sweat without
complaint being heard never a doubt.

You see these men of simpler time
shaped by iron and the sublime
were shadowed by smokestacks and family life
accepting their trade as a gift among strife.

Those foundries of long past days will never rust
in our hearts they will always be we trust.
Steam whistles can still be heard to blare
recapturing the soul of this lost era.

Richard Mikolajewski – February 1990

Meet Our Team

Joe Mikolajewski


Sam Mikolajewski

V.P. Sales & Engineering

David A. Martin Q.C.

Sales Manager

Jeremy Ward

Foundry Superintendent

Angi Jones

Production and Shipping Coordinator